As fit as a fiddle – health idioms

As fit as a fiddle – health idioms

Hi everyone!

I hope you are doing pretty well! Today it’s Tuesday and I’m going to continue the health topic. I reckoned that idiomatic expressions and phrases would not be surely appealing for more advanced students but also for those educatees who want to extend their knowledge of a pretty common part of the English spoken language.

To be honest, I really enjoy learning and revising idioms and I tend to agree that these ridiculous structures overlook and point out the most original part of the language.

To start with, idioms are phrases that are used for describing some situations and we cannot translate each word of that phrase because of the whole meaning of an entire expression. We also use these language constructions, e.g. „zdrów jak ryba”. The English version of that phrase would be: „as fit as a fiddle”.

As we are able to notice – each language has its structures of these expressions. That’s why it makes each mother tongue so unique-looking and special. Should we want to know them, we ought to learn them by heart.

Here’s the list of a few idiomatic expressions associated with health (which I adore). Let’s say that these are my top 7 favourite phrases.

  • As fit as a fiddle – very healthy; He’s as fit as a fiddle – he exercises everyday and follows a well-balanced diet.,
  • Have a foot-in-mouth disease – have a tendency to telling about things that are not appropriate in certain circumstances or situations; Samantha is always having a foot-in-mouth disease. She was telling jokes about our uncle to our widowed aunt.,
  • Just what the doctor ordered – about a situation or a thing that it is exactly needed or wanted; Oh, time for chill out! A cold glass of beer and a hot and sunny day is just what the doctor ordered!,
  • Pale around the gills – to look really sick; Have you seen your face in the mirror? You are totally pale around the gills!,
  • A clean bill of health – to be in a good shape; well-being; I had an appointment at the doctor’s and he told me that my medical results had been delivered to his office yesterday. They proved that I was a clean bill of health!,
  • A frog in someone’s throat – not to be able to speak due to sore throat; This cold has left me with such a frog in my throat that I can’t talk!,
  • Go under the knife – to have an operation; My mother hates her nose so much. She decided to go under the knife – she wants to look younger.

If you intend to know more about health idioms, you’re kindly welcome to visit my materials in the website shop.

Hope you’ve enjoyed! If you have any particular topics you’d like to get to know or discuss, let me know.

What are your favourite health idioms? Let me know in the comments!

See you soon! Cheers!

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