Top-notch Canadian monuments – a holiday must-see

Hello, my dearest readers! How are your things progressing? I’m starting this week with another culture holiday-trip post so I tremendously hope you’ll be on cloud nine! As early as July is passing by, today we are moving right to North America – a vast land packed with diverse uncommon creatures and covered with phenomenal Read more about Top-notch Canadian monuments – a holiday must-see[…]

Majestic Welsh Summer Holidays

Hello, my viewers! What are you up to? The first summer month is nearly over! Welcome to my blog. This is another post and another part of my online holiday round-trip across the UK. Summer river banks, sandy and pebbly beaches, magical coastlines and mighty mountain hills… An entire and ample array of unforgettable and Read more about Majestic Welsh Summer Holidays[…]

Is Ireland the greenest island under the Sun?

Good morning, my readers! How is your sunny Saturday passing by? What are you about to do? Several days ago, I wrote a post about my idea of presenting information and hints regarding the UK – an online round-trip across the island. My friend who had read my article told me that not only would Read more about Is Ireland the greenest island under the Sun?[…]