Father’s Day – idioms

Hi my readers! Today is 23rd June and we are solemnising Father’s Day in Poland! This is a superb occassion to express our feelings and emotions to our dads. Although the Britons and the inhabitants of the USA feast this event on a completely different day (I deeply guess I’ll prepare a post about it Read more about Father’s Day – idioms[…]

Mother’s Day – idioms

Hi my bloggers! Today is 26th May and we are celebrating Mother’s Day in Poland! Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to express our gratitude to our mothers. Although the British and the Americans solemnise this occasion on different day (I truly guess I’ll make a post about it), I thought that it is a Read more about Mother’s Day – idioms[…]

Earth Day – Earth idioms

Hello there! Today we are having the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! It is a special moment to present some idiomatic expressions associated with Earth. I hope you’ll enjoy reading! to earth up – to dig up; He loves sitting in the attic and earthing up some old family photos. to cost the earth – Read more about Earth Day – Earth idioms[…]

As fit as a fiddle – health idioms

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing pretty well! Today it’s Tuesday and I’m going to continue the health topic. I reckoned that idiomatic expressions and phrases would not be surely appealing for more advanced students but also for those educatees who want to extend their knowledge of a pretty common part of the English Read more about As fit as a fiddle – health idioms[…]