Celebration of the Queen – Victoria Day in Canada

Celebration of the Queen – Victoria Day in Canada

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To start with, our friends from the other side of the globe are solemnising Victoria Day today. Plenty of Canadian people are drinking to the long weekend due to the fact that this celebration is a public holiday.

So, what exactly is unique on this occasion? Let’s move on to the topic…

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria, Cape Town

The Monarch was born on 24th May, in the 19th century. Her Majesty was eminent for the longest-lasting reign (Queen Elizabeth II beat her in 2015) and being partly in charge of the military, economics, culture, and political blooming. The United Kingdom was known for a mammoth territory expansion of the British Empire at that time. This period was called the „Victorian era” in order to be grateful to the Queen for that prime.

Her birthday has been commemorating for approximately two ages! It is annually celebrated on Monday always before 25th May. This year, it is on 18th May.

Victoria Day in Canada

Canadian nations often name this day „May Long Weekend” and recognise that moment with European May Day traditions. For the inhabitants of North America, this fete is identified with the beginning of the summer season.

Not only native North Americans solemnise this patriotical and national holiday but also a plethora of Chinese, Turkish and African immigrants who proudly feel to call themselves Canadians riotously enjoy during 24th May.

As far as I am concerned, the Canadians, more often than not, joke about that day by calling it „May Two-Four”. Well, in my viewpoint, „two-four” may be simply associated with the date (2-4) – May 24th. However, I’ve read a BBC article in which some people of the maple leaf country call it „two-four” on account of the fact that during this sunny and boiling-hot long weekend you do not have to go to work or school, you may chill out, throw a summer barbecue party and buy a „two-four”. In Canadian slang, „a two-four” means a big box of 24 beer cans or bottles. Every reason to celebrate is worth weighing up :).

How do people memorialise it?

The day is marked with vibrant and eye-catching public parades, where many inhabitants dress up in ridiculous colourful costumes and dance to the rhythm of modern music played by live bands on the street. There are plenty of outdoor events – organising live gigs and admiring vivid firework displays in the starry night sky is really popular then, or different family activities as having a barbecue in the garden, going on a weekend forest camping, renting a caravan or a campervan, making a bonfire with marshmallows, going fishing on the magnificent Canadian mountain lakes, and having a yummy feast during household dinner.

Furthermore, the Canadian children connect this three-day holiday with long-awaited opening events of a dazzling array of appealing amusement parks in the entire country. These attractions start offering their amenities for them in the following summer season.

The representatives of the government, several members of the Royal Family, the Governor General, some Ministers, and Chiefs participate in public gun salutes and military ceremonies nearby the Parliament in the capital city – Ottawa.

Victoria Day Parade 2019, Canada – Breeze Media International Ltd
Celebration of Victoria Day, Toronto, 2019 – CityNews Toronto

The public holiday in the culture

The Canadian rock band named „Rush” wrote the song „Lakeside Park” about celebrating Victoria Day.

Lakeside Park, Caress of Steel 1975, Rush

Everyone would gather
On the twenty-fourth of May
Sitting in the sand
To watch the fireworks display
Dancing fires on the beach
Singing songs together
Though it’s just a memory
Some memories last forever

Lakeside Park, 1975, Rush

I highly suppose you’ve enjoyed this article and I could cheer you up this Monday.

See you soon!


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