Daisies, Hail Mary, sticks and stones – the analysis of the elements of English culture in Katy Perry’s song

Daisies, Hail Mary, sticks and stones – the analysis of the elements of English culture in Katy Perry’s song


Long time no see!

I am hugely glad I can come back to writing my content on the Internet. I think I needed some time to self-regenerate and come up with several ideas of topics I would intend to present on my website.

Today, I woke up, and out of the blue, I figured out that it would be great to showcase some peculiar but relevant pieces of English point-of-view which appear in the media all the time.

It came to my mind that I should use to that, as a sample, Katy Perry’s songs.

Let’s move on to the topic. Enjoy the reading!

Katy Perry

The hidden meaning of Katy Perry’s ‚Daisies’

Katy Perry – Daisies (Can’t Cancel Pride) – Katy Perry, 2020

They told me I was out there, tried to knock me down
Took those sticks and stones, showed ’em I could build a house
They tell me that I’m crazy, but I’ll never let ’em change me
‚Til they cover me in daisies, daisies, daisies

Chorus – Katy Perry – Daisies (2020)

‚Sticks and stones’ – this old English phrase is dated back to the 19th century. It was quite eminent and ubiquitous in the literature for children. The rhyme is entitled to point out the idea of anti-psychological abuse. It criticises the purpose of mental bullying and gives us an opportunity to strengthen and enhance our self-esteem. (‚Sticks and Stones: The Philosophy of Insults’ by Jerome Neu [2008])

The line ‚Took those sticks and stones, showed ’em I could build a house‚ might mean that the lyrical ego is able to ingest some brickbats but it turns them into a firm and forceful power of a state of mind and self-confidence.

‚Daisy’ is another instance of hidden meaning in this song. It refers to gerbera daisies – the most common funeral flowers we are used to offering our descendants. The bright colours of these plants, in the English culture, are supposed to symbolise joyfulness, respect and honesty which we express towards our departed.

To support my view, ”I’ll never let ’em change me ‚Til they cover me in daisies” frankly indicate that the lyrical I does not rearrange its entire life due to someone’s opinion until the lyrical ego dies and it is remembered.

I’m the long shot
I’m the Hail Mary
Why can’t it be me?

Pre-chorus – Katy Perry – Daisies (2020)

‚Hail Mary’ – this is a phrase I thought of it for a long time. I managed to discover an adequate reference in ‚Hail Mary?: The Struggle for Ultimate Womanhood in Catholicism’ by Maurice Hamington (1995). That literally means ‚Ave Maria’ or ‚ Virgin Mary’.

I’m the Hail Mary Why can’t it be me?‚ It may suggest that the lyrical ego perceives itself as someone ideal, blessed and extraordinary. However, the lyrical I might have, more often than not, a lack of self-regard.

Unusual expressions in ‚Smile’ by Katy Perry

Katy Perry – Smile – Katy Perry, 2020

Every day, Groundhog Day
Goin’ through motions felt so fake
Not myself, not my best
Felt like I failed the test

Chorus – Katy Perry – Smile (2020)

‚Groundhog Day’ is a cultural observation popularised in Canada, and somewhere in the USA, when people gather together to admire this small animal emerging from its hole. If it sees its shadow, the winter will last longer. If it doesn’t notice its image on the ground, the spring will come soon. It is a stereotypical superstition.

The lines may indicate that lyrical I thinks of each day as a challenging moment when it tries to get up and go through all the emotions it has in order to estimate the true feeling that day.

I’m 2.0, remodeled
Used to be dull, now I sparkle
Had a piece of humble pie
That ego check saved my life

Katy Perry – Smile (2020)

‚Humble pie’ is a phrase which regards all the kinds of unpleasant comments, humiliation and dealing with past-experienced mistakes. (‚American Mom: Motherhood, Politics, and Humble Pie’ by Mary Kay Blakely [1994])

The lyrical ego wants to inform us that it went through many tough and harsh situations but, recently, its self-esteem has been boosted on account of the miserable life-events that happened. It is worth bearing in mind that all of these incidents may impact our future but we should draw conclusions and live the moment.

I am certain you loved my article.

Hope to see you soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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