Earth Day – Earth idioms

Earth Day – Earth idioms

Hello there!

Today we are having the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! It is a special moment to present some idiomatic expressions associated with Earth.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading!

Earth Day 2020
  • to earth up – to dig up; He loves sitting in the attic and earthing up some old family photos.
  • to cost the earth – to cost a lot of money; Oh my gosh! That dress must have cost the earth!
  • to come down to earth – to make someone stop dreaming and fantasising; – I wish I could go to the USA and become a Hollywood star! – You should come down to earth right now!
  • where on earth?! – an expression describing situation when we look for something or want something but we can’t have it or find it; Where on earth are my glasses?! I must have left them in my office…
  • mother earth – a woman who is caring and loving; My aunt is really warm and helpful! She’s a real mother earth to me!
  • earth to someone – an expression used when someone is not paying attention and we want that person to listen to us; – Earth to Michael! Are you listening to me? What have I just said? – I’m sorry, mum! I was dreaming about that chicken nuggets you’d made yesterday…

If you intend to aquire knowledge about Earth idioms, you are welcome to look up my worksheets in my shop on this website.

How do you celebrate Earth Day? What can we do to take care of our ecosystem? Let me know your viewpoint in the comments!


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26 kwietnia 2020 21:13

another idiomatic expression with earth that I really like is „bring sb down to earth with a bump”

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