Easter traditions in the United States

Easter traditions in the United States

Hello! How is it going? How are your preparations for Easter breakfast?

Today, I’m going to set you out some facts about Easter customs in the United States. Are they completely different than our, European traditions? I believe you’ll enjoy this reading.

How do Americans celebrate Easter?

Usually, Christian Americans attend Easter Sunday church service as The Sunrise Service at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington and solemnise that time with families by going on Easter hunting, painting eggs, waiting for joyful Easter bunny or consuming Easter meals for Sunday breakfast.

I must admit that I was taken by surprise when I heard that the spring festival is not a federal bank holiday! It depends on their state government and employers.

Easter parades

The inhabitants of the USA worship parades. Most of them associate spring with Easter parades. These cheerful hustle-and-bustle marches are held in the city centre, where men and women wearing colourfully embroidered special costumes, for instance bunny costumes, spring dresses, and flowery bonnets, march and dance together. The most eminent one takes place on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Easter Parade 2018, New York City – CBS News

Easter Egg Roll and Easter Party in Washington D.C.

In the USA, there is another tradition named „Easter Egg Roll” and it is popularised by the White House in Washington D.C., during Easter Party organised by the President. Despite loud joyous music, inviting chocolate snacks and the meeting with Donald and Melania Trump, there is a dazzling array of food, crafting or sports competitions and activities for the entire families. In front of the garden, on the lawn of the Capitol children may take part in the egg-rolling event.

Easter Party 2019, Washington D.C. – the White House

The springtime meals

While having Easter feast, the Americans cannot imagine that meal without baked ham and potatoes. This dish is cooked in the oven, more often than not, with honey mustard, and some spicy herbs. This makes that meat really tender, crispy but also really fattening.

Baked Easter ham with potatoes

Unfortunately, this year most of these annual highlights are cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemics.

I want to know if you’d like to experience the real American lifestyle and get some other facts of the USA on my blog!

Do you dream of participating in the spectacular Easter Parade in New York City? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Easter!


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