Father’s Day – idioms

Father’s Day – idioms

Hi my readers!

Today is 23rd June and we are solemnising Father’s Day in Poland! This is a superb occassion to express our feelings and emotions to our dads. Although the Britons and the inhabitants of the USA feast this event on a completely different day (I deeply guess I’ll prepare a post about it on my blog in the future), I reckoned that it was a convenient moment to present you several expressions associated with the word ‚Father’.

I strongly trust you’ll be pleased while reading the examples!

Father’s Day 2020 in Poland
  • founding father – a person who is imaginative and creative; My classmate always has a lot of ideas for making a project on Biology! He’s a real founding father!
  • like father, like son – sons resemble their fathers, especially when it comes to activities; My dad loves computer gadgets, technology and so do I. Every time my father’s friend comes to our house and see my IT magazines and gadgets projects, he says „Like father, like son!”
  • daddy’s (little) girl – a daughter who is too much spoiled by her father; a girl who is strongly enclosed to her dad; I always played with my father when I was younger. He used to buy me plenty of Barbie dolls just as my brother would get nothing! I was such a daddy’s girl!
  • old enough to be someone’s father – elderly, very old; You can’t go out with your new boyfriend! Look at him! He’s old enough to be your father!
  • doodad / doo-dad – an expression used to describe a thing or an object of which we don’t know the name; What’s that doodad next to the car radio? How does it work?

If you truly want to aquire knowledge about some more Father idioms, you may check my materials available in the shop on this webpage.

Do you know any other examples of dad idioms? Send me your clues!

Have you crafted or bought anything for your pop? Have you given him your best wishes yet? Keep me posted about your way of celebrating this day in the comments below!

See you next time!


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