‚Get out’ – a film review – Michael’s remarks

‚Get out’ – a film review – Michael’s remarks

Hello, my dearest readers! The first weekend of June is approaching! „T.G.I.F.” exclaimed Katy Perry.

Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) – Katy Perry

I am immensely exhilarated that I am still realising my project – this website and I am constantly developing my IT skills. Furthermore, I am pleased that I am able to discover new stuff about English culture and revise some vocabulary or grammar by preparing for writing these posts. Thank you for your activity on this blog. I strongly appreciate that I may advance in my favourite language.

To start with, I thought that forasmuch as holidays of 2020 are coming, it would be a marvellous objective to recommend you some films, Netflix series or books in English so that you can revise some phrases or learn new expressions by informal, let-loosing, self-teaching, appealing and entertaining way.

Today’s post is about a film I saw when I was in secondary school. Fingers crossed you’ll like my review. Enjoy!

‚Get out’ – a film review

‚Get out’ is an American film directed by Jordan Peele. It is a thriller which introduces viewers to uncover a story about a black man who faces an intriguing world of his girlfriend’s family. This production is based on the most favoured stereotypes associated with black people and racism. Apart from some humorous scenes, there are numerous grievous action strands.

The history pictures a couple – a young black photographer – Chris and his white girlfriend – Rose. They come to Rose’s family. At the house, Rose’s parents – neurosurgeon Dean and psychotherapist Missy genially welcome the guests. Chirs discovers that the black servants in the house behave in such a strange way. The main character is unable to sleep, he tries to analyse everything. It occurs that he has been hypnotised by Rose’s mother. All of them have a secret…

I am convinced that the film is criticised by other reviewers, but I enjoyed watching. In my judgment, Jordan Peele has selected his cast notably. Daniel Kaluuya as Chris Washington and Allison Williams as Rose Armitage – without a doubt – attached the public in front of cinema screens. What is more, I want to press the point that the actors have drawn attention to various accents and phrases, because of the fact that many characters in the film are from different cultures or regions. For instance, the get-together in the garden shows that wealthy class uses a posh accent in comparison to Chris’s private conversation with his friends. Furthermore, I want to press the point that music is a crucial element in this production. It specifies the emotions of the main character and it is associated with psychedelic moments in the film. 

In my point of view, this film is worthwhile. Should you like ‚The Visit’, this movie will be for you. You will be on cloud 9. Were I you, I would watch ‚Get out’.

Get Out’ Official Trailer, 2017, Daniel Kaluuya – Movieclips Trailers

What do you reckon about my opinion? Have you seen this film? Or maybe you are so keen on watching it after having read my viewpoint. Let me know in the comments about your feelings.

See you soon!


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