How to honour the American heroes in a graceful manner? – National Purple Heart Day in the USA

How to honour the American heroes in a graceful manner? – National Purple Heart Day in the USA

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Today, it has been 5 months since I started developing my webpage. I am truly exhilarated! I have not even supposed I will manage to improve my writing skills in English by creating these posts on my blog.

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To start with, how can we commemorate people who sacrificed themselves for their beloved homeland? How to thank them in order to appreciate their effort in maintaining freedom and liberty?

I will point you out the American way of proclaiming the indebtedness for their heroes who devoted their lives for the States.

Today, 7th August, we are celebrating the National Purple Heart Day.

The American Veterans and Soldiers

The Purple Heart Day is an American holiday solemnising the creation of the oldest American military decoration (a purple medal) for military devotement. Both the soldier women and the men veterans are given a purple order in the shape of a heart. Moreover, the marines, sailors and airforce servants are also entitled to be decorated. Those dauntless people must have endured immense suffering to earn this badge in sacrifice to the American Nation.

Purple Heart Day – The U.S. Army
Purple Heart Day – World of Tanks North America

The history began approximately 300 years ago when the first president of the USA, General George Washington established the official military order classified as „the Badge of Merit”. The General outlined and proposed the original design of the medal. The badge was made of purple cloth in the shape of a heart. Many years later, the following American generals came to a conclusion so as to honour G. Washington with his own-projected official defence prize. They revived his tradition of giving a badge to the patriots who had given an immense array of commitment in battles, guarding their Nation’s territory.

Nowadays, the front of this medal has a profile of G. Washington, is attached to a purple cloth, and has a golden border.

These days, veteran and military organisations hold remembrance meetings for children and their parents in parks, conference halls and even schools (yes, they do that in summer). They encourage people to acquire more knowledge about army-life stories and military service in the USA. It is also a phenomenal chance to get wind of the stories of soldiers and veterans from the front. Furthermore, during those special events, national-defence fundraising foundations are collecting money for families of fallen American heroes who have lost their lives in nightmarish wars.

What do you think about this American kind of showing respect? What is your point of view? Is it essential to thank the soldiers for their service to the country?

Keep me informed!


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