Is Ireland the greenest island under the Sun?

Is Ireland the greenest island under the Sun?

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Several days ago, I wrote a post about my idea of presenting information and hints regarding the UK – an online round-trip across the island. My friend who had read my article told me that not only would she love to see more travelling and culture notes about the GB, but also it would be worth reading some clues from the USA and other English-speaking countries. Then so be it!

I strongly appreciate her proposition and this post is dedicated to my bosom mate! Thank you immensely for reassuring me and supporting my workload!

Is Ireland the greenest island under the Sun?

Yesterday evening, I read a gripping BBC article about Ireland. I reckoned it would be a marvellous topic to conclude in my web post.

Recently, there has been an ample mix of COVID-19 government debates and there has appeared a plethora of mind made-ups glued to solving this problem in a regular, law-like basis.

What is fascinating, the Irish government has put aside the issue of pressing law changes coupled with the pandemics, and – some weeks ago – it started holding public politiical debates concerning climate changes and the environment. Furthermore, the Irish politicians are poised to take a step further in saving their national natural heritage.

To begin with, the fact that Ireland is an island is – probably – generally known. For ages, this place has been covered with plenty of green leafy trees and grassy hills. Without any doubts, the most coming-across plant is a shamrock. No one will squabble that on account of the clovery landscape the Irish call their place of living the Emerald Isle.

Shamrock – the symbol of Ireland

Furthermore, the nation associated the green colour with their native symbols such as the flag, St. Patrick’s Day motive colourings, tourist souvenirs and even street decorations.

The Temple Bar Pub – Dublin, Ireland

Unfortunately, despite being considered as green heaven on the earth, the EU has appealed to the Irish government with a pro-environmental remark.

The country was on the verge of exceeding disastrously greenhouse gas emission target having set by the European parliament.

The Irish voters perceived the problem and they showed their outcry in national elections by being in favour of the Irish Green Party and their pro-ecological programme and projects. In spite of the fact that the Greens didn’t get a majority in the government, they have still concerned over climate change. Moreover, it has recently seen a significant improvement since the last assemble.

Some weeks ago, the Greens proposed a project which will provide mammoth cuts in emissions caused by transport and agriculture. Their hint assures the community that the government, allegedly, will have reduce the gases by 51% by 2030.

Climate protest – Ireland

There’s a new generation of activists that believe in climate justice and they don’t feel that you can separate issues around housing, issues around finance, issues around taxation from environmental concerns.

Neasa Hourigan, Green Party
The landscapes of Ireland – WE TRAVEL THE WORLD, 2015
The landscapes of Ireland – Final Cut

Are they going to sustain the Emerald Isle label? Is the project going to be negotiated by the opposing members of the parliament? When will the Irish people feel an alleviation?

These are the questions on which we would prefer to know the answer!

What are your thoughts about this issue? Let me read your viewpoints in the comments below!


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