Majestic Welsh Summer Holidays

Majestic Welsh Summer Holidays

Hello, my viewers!

What are you up to? The first summer month is nearly over!

Welcome to my blog. This is another post and another part of my online holiday round-trip across the UK.

Summer river banks, sandy and pebbly beaches, magical coastlines and mighty mountain hills… An entire and ample array of unforgettable and majestic landscapes – all in one, a miniature region in Great Britain.

Do you have any recollections of this area?

It’s the territory of Wales! Not only is this place eminent of Anthony Hopkins, Shakin’ Steven, but also it is renowned of its incredibly astonishing landmarks and scenery. Today, I intend to indicate some captivating and favourable vacation attractions for tourists in Wales.

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Summer Holidays in Wales

Wales is a quite diverse region when it comes to its geographical features. I am obliged to state that everyone would find something to do there – especially if there are many eye-catching views and tourist facilities. In fact, stunning mountains meet glorious coastline!

To start with, there are a plethora of pristine award-winning beaches in Wales. The massive shore gracefully let the sand emerge from the crystal-clear water. Despite spending time on the deck chair in Pembrokeshire (Tenby – the most well-known summer city with gigantic, family-friendly beaches) and sunbathing under the glowing Sun you can cast your eyes on some of the mammoth cliffs there.

The Welsh coastline – Visit Wales

If you would prefer to hang around the towns and countryside rather than let loose on the sand, you might visit some spectacular seaside cottages! I would say that visiting Wales without having a look at these picturesque settlements is totally something doomed. Personally, it just would not be complete and you could not make the most of your trip then. It’s a must-see!

Cobbled, cramped streets, pastel-colour ancient buildings, historic markets, outstanding castles rediscovering knights and kings’ times, glorious miniature cottages, a splendid wide selection of local bakeries full of traditional delicacies, home-run-business restaurants with conventional food, cosy bars with a dazzling array of pints of cold sparkling beer, dreamlike cafés with freshly-grounded coffee beans, ice cream parlours making home-made sweets, and fish and chip shops to enjoy a memorable take-away meal.

A Welsh town at day – picturesque, historic buildings and market stalls
A Welsh town at night – pubs, bars and night life
A castle near a seaside country town

Whether you are a mountain-goer and you are fond of trekking, certainly, you had better try roaming through Welsh tourist mountain paths and National Trust Mountain Park properties in order to stand on the peak of the hill. The road might seem hazardous, gruelling and adrenaline-fuelled adventure, but – by and large – it is thrilling to the bits! The awards are those breath-taking and sterling views. I suppose it is definitely worth admiring!

Gorgeous mountain landscape – Wales
Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales – Visit Wales

I hope I could showcase you some magnificent travel ideas to do during your stay in Wales. Fingers crossed you will fly there someday!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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