Mother’s Day – idioms

Mother’s Day – idioms

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Today is 26th May and we are celebrating Mother’s Day in Poland! Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to express our gratitude to our mothers. Although the British and the Americans solemnise this occasion on different day (I truly guess I’ll make a post about it), I thought that it is a special moment to show you some idiomatic expressions connected with the word ‚Mother’.

I strongly trust you’ll be pleased while reading the examples!

Mother’s Day 2020 in Poland
  • mother earth – a woman who is caring and loving; My aunt is really warm and helpful! She’s a real mother earth to me!
  • like mother, like daughter – daughters resemble their mothers, especially when it comes to activities; My mum loves fashion and so do I. Every time my aunt comes to our house and see my outfit projects, she says „Like mother, like daughter!”
  • face (that) only a mother could love – very unattractive person; Look at this boy… The face that only a mother could love…
  • everyone and his mother – to express a huge amout of people; Everyone and his mother gather together in front of the stage to get a handshake from a famous singer.
  • Mother of God – the Virgin Mary, expressed when we are appalled, anxious or petrified; Mother of God! What have you just done!?
  • a mother hen – a woman who is overprotective; My mum is such a mother hen… She’s always calling me when I hang out with my friends.
  • to keep mum – be quiet, do not tell anything, do not gossip; Shhh! Keep mum! I don’t want anyone to hear about my problems! Do you understand?

If you intend to learn some more Mother idioms and expressions, you are greatly welcome to have a look on my materials available in the shop on this webpage.

What have you bought for your mum? Have you given her your best wishes yet? Let me know about your unique and spendid day in the comments below!


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