Mr Bean’s Holidays – a film review

Mr Bean’s Holidays – a film review

Good morning, everyone!

Another summer weekend has just approached and I thought it would be a marvellous hint to partage with you some points about one of my favourite film, and also mere of my favourable British actor. I am sure you have seen this movie or you have ever heard of that title. For those who haven’t watched it, I strongly suggest doing that as soon as possible! This weekend forecast is not that pleasing so it might be a wonderful chance to glance at this production with your friends or family!

Rowan Atkinson – Mr Bean

Rowan Atkinson

He is an English actor and comedian who is well-recognised for his work on the sitcoms ‚Mr Bean’. Not only did he have one role, but also he played and participated in many prominent cinematic productions as ‚Johnny English’, ‚Love Actually’ or ‚Four Weddings And A Funeral’. What is more, he has had plenty of successful performances in West End theatre. In addition, in 2013 the Queen appointed Atkinson by ordering a CBE – The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire – for his cultural sacrifice and noble charity contribution.

His comic style and stunning impressions led his career and enhanced his personal advancement to visualise the most renowned film character – Mr Bean.

‚Mr Bean’s Holidays’ – Steve Bendelack

Mr Bean’s Holidays, Steve Bendelack – Filmy Youtube

It is a British comedy based on the English television series named ‚Mr Bean’. It was directed by Steve Bendelack in 2007.

It’s a pity that this film didn’t get rave reviews from the tangle of the international critics, but, on the other hand, it was an immense box office success due to the fact that this move earned approximately 190 million dollars.

In my viewpoint, the plot of this film is strongly captivating and ridiculous. It is an ideal movie to watch with your mates and relatives on a leisurely holiday evening.

The multicultural cast is well-organised and well-combined. The starring of American, French, Spanish and Russian eminent stars boost the virtue of this picture creation. A wide range of different accents, slang words and typical national customs in each actor has an impact on the viewers’ reception. We are likely to broaden our knowledge about different behaviours of people from foreign places in one area, in the same situation.
To support my point, this indicates and harshly points out the national stereotypes about how country-dwellers deal with their stressful problems abroad and how they react in ridiculous and awkward moments being homesick.

Mr Bean’s scoops, gags and jokes are believed to be quite weary, dull and insignificant. Conversely to me, I tend to press the point that these clumsy scenes are directed so as to exaggerate the phsychological problems of Bean. In particular, the situations larger than life are to sketch the viewer that we are able to cope with the issues, even having gross hardships.

To begin with, Mr Bean takes part in a church charity raffle in which he wins a dream vacation trip to France. The character unconsciously digs himself into a huge hole. Undoubtedly, he is not able to dwell even a minute without doing something that makes him get into the troubles!

The problems start on the train to Cannes and, unfortunately, bad luck does not get off Mr Bean. He is considered as a kidnapper in entire France! The police look for his victim, and the missing photos are displayed on the platforms, petrol stations and even TV news.

How has Bean managed to do that? What happens next? How does he want to solve the issue of being hailed a criminal in France? Will he spend his long-wished holidays on sandy beaches of Cannes?

Should you intend to get know the answers, you must have a glimpse on that production!

I truly believe you’ve liked my thoughts.

What do you reckon of this film? Have you ever seen an episode of the Mr Bean series? How old were you while watching that? Have you got any other recollections of Rowan Atkinson’s work in movies, theatres?

Let me see your backlash in the comments below!


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