My brother is married now! -Weddings in the USA

My brother is married now! -Weddings in the USA

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I intend to reveal an appealing fact from my life. Last Saturday my brother got married! He’s in his early-thirties (well, he’s 29 yet, so he’ll be so vexed when he sees a word „thirty” in this post, but who cares ;)) and I reckoned that his wedding ceremony would be an extraordinary occasion to give you my thoughts of American traditions and customs associated with newly-weds’ significant day.

In the beginning, I must press the point that British wedding ideas differ a lot from American variations. I have in mind that I’ll write an article comparing both ceremonials. Send me your impressions about this suggestion – I am greatly inquiring about your views!

To start with, get wind of Polish weddings and receptions. How much Polish traditions are you able to point out? Will they sound familiar to western ones? Should you be alert and eye-caught, you must follow reading this post!

Weddings in the U.S.

To begin with, the American customs are varied in a range of states but plenty of them come from European wedding practices. Due to global and social changes, most of „routines” have evolved and we are able to unify some typical and common newly-weds’ habits in the US culture.

The USA are eminent for their social flexibility, and I guess it is a proper word to describe western weddings. Despite deriving the eastern ideas, the nation follows some modern, unconventional and contemporary marriage projects or fashion. Nevertheless, European customs and traditional official parts of this event will always be entertaining and irreplaceable moments during the entire ceremony.

Before the wedding

  • The couple of a wife-and-husband-to-be send the invitations at the slightest 2-3 months before the ceremony. The cards used to be addressed by hand with a view to showing respect and a positive attitude towards the wedding guest. Nowadays, thanks to new printing formats, graphic programmes and a vast range of invitation project samples, the couples decide to order a pack of pre-made and printed wedding cards. Receiving an invitation does not equal to accepting it in the USA. The chosen guest have plenty of time to make a decision about participating in this occasion. It is promptly written when the invited must state their clear choice.
  • The question of giving wedding presents is quite divided in the USA. In some states, the presents are sent and delivered to newly-weds’ house on the day of the ceremony so they may open it after the entire feast. The other practice is that the gifts are given during the reception. The presents are usually envelopes with lots of dollars in them.
  • The marriage couple chooses their theme and style of the party. The selection between having a typical, formal, traditional occasion and throwing an extraordinary event with fancy dresses is totally theirs. It is also eminent to make own DIY home-ideas at the party. They often consult it with many advisors from wedding companies. These institutions help in logistic arranging a date, a venue, decorations, flowers, balloons, confetti, dishes, and even clothes.
  • The bride has got the hen night and the groom throws the stag night before the marriage ceremony. It’s a superb time for the future husband and wife to let loose, play and have a toast with friends and family. The stag and hen night are usually planned and the couple organises them on their own. They may rent hotel rooms or a local, in particular, bars, restaurants and – what is more – they sometimes look for ship decks or yachts.
  • A new generation of grooms prefers seeing their brides before the ceremony to waiting for this special moment of walking-in in the shrine.
  • The couples tend to take photographs without guests and family.

At the ceremony

  • A wedding ceremony may be held anywhere. It is associated with the couple’s religion and their beliefs. They frequently choose a church, courthouse, or outdoor places, for instance, a sunny sandy beach or a vast evergreen park. The ceremony is usually brief and can be performed in less than fifteen minutes, it is often extended by live music or family speeches, though.
  • In front of the guests and the whole family, the fiancee and fiance present their own vows which have been written down in order to make an obligation for another person.
  • During the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom exchange marriage rings as a symbol of their everlasting love.
  • American brides usually wear a white or other very bright-coloured wedding dress. They also have some tiny flowers in their hair which match the theme of a reception venue.
  • More often than not, seeds, coins or uncooked rice are thrown at the newlyweds couple as soon as they leave the church. The seeds and rice symbolise fertility and the copper coins are connected with fortune and wealth.
  • While having a ceremony the bride and groom hold white medium candles, and together, light a larger one standing in the centre of the aisle. This moment may depict a symbol of their union.

At the reception

  • The newly-weds couple has their first dance. This spinning is usually followed by the bride and her father with the groom and his mother’s dance.
  • Special, relevant and majestic soundtracks, songs are chosen by the newly-weds, in particular for a mother-and-son dance, and a father-and-daughter spinning.
  • The groom puts down the garter from the bride’s leg. He throws the garter standing back to the group of single men who attempt to obtain it. The single who will catch the garter is believed to be another person to get married. Furthermore, the new bride flips the colourful bouquet to the group of single women waiting behind her. The woman who will catch the bouquet is named the next wife-to-be.
  • Wedding cakes are certainly considered as a mouth-watering and tender meal for the invitees. Moreover, for some people are undoubtedly a symbol of fertility. Cutting, sharing and tasting the first piece of a wedding cake is a very common custom in the USA during the wedding reception. It is worth pointing out that the couple holds a knife together, cuts the first piece of the cake, put it on one plate, and they feed each other with one fork. This situation may also picture a symbol of their union and co-operation.


  • A favourite tradition of the newlyweds is taking the bride across the threshold before entering their new house. It symbolises marvellous life, without bad luck and any squabbles. The moment of the carrying is the beginning of a new and comfortable life together.
  • After the marriage reception, the couple frequently goes for their honeymoon. This is a few days to a few weeks package trip to the destination point of their dreams. It is very renowned travelling abroad or having an around-states journey by campervan or caravan. A dazzling array of travel’s agents offer a number of trips for newly-weds, although it may cost an arm and a leg!
Wedding in the USA – ‚Our wedding’, 2016 – Jess and Gabriel
Wedding in the U.S. – ‚Our wedding video!! Finally’, 2019 – Andy Altig

I strongly trust that you’ve enjoyed my text! Have you learnt any new vocabulary while reading it?

What are your viewpoints about American weddings? Would you prefer having a modern, unusual reception to feasting conventional, formal wedding? Share with me your statements!

See you next time!


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