Online Students Ceremony in the USA

Online Students Ceremony in the USA

Hello everyone!

What have you been up to recently?

As early as June has approached. I deeply believe that this summer season will be as boiling hot as in a furnace and the sun will be shining so brightly in the clear light blue sky.

What is more, June is a month of school graduations all over the world. Many educatees from different countries finish their courses and begin holiday period far away from school homework, learning and revising for quizes and tests.

A few days ago, I came up with an idea to write a post about unusual and, I would rather say, unique school ceremonies in 2020 while having the COVID-19 pandemic.

As far as your interests may be concerned, plenty of the third-grade secondary school students in Poland have been obtaining their certificates in such an extraordinary way. The students, headmasters and class teachers wear face masks, rubber gloves and keep the distance of 2 meters during the assembly.

To sum this up, I find it very weird but also, on the other hand, really jolly and pleasing. Firstly, I guess it is not a typical view of a school ceremony, but I am so content that these graduates might have met with other friends, academics and, at the slightest, they could enter the school building for the last time. I reckon and strongly believe that this pandemic makes people pay attention to enjoy those little things like gatherings with bosom friends, going outside and appreciating the majestic nature around us. I hope we, the mankind of the twenty-first century, will learn to stop for a while or slow down for a moment. Our society, groups of different nations have just gone too far…

Let’s come back to the main objective of this post.

I would love to share with you my impression of school graduations in the USA.

Fingers crossed you will be entertained.

Online school graduations

On account of the Coronavirus, many schools had to move teaching students in classes to training youngsters virtually. Moreover, the situation made a plethora of local governments and headmasters to cancel conventional graduation ceremonies in assembly halls.

Most of the US colleges, universities, sixth form high schools decided to prepare a special online ceremony for their pupils.

A vast variety of them spend the graduation weekends in front of their computer screens on such platforms as Facebook live, Skype or private school video servers, being dressed-up smartly in graduation gowns and hats.

For instance, I intend to share with you a video from the virtual ceremony at Illinois College in the USA. Please, have a look at it :).

Virtual Graduation Ceremony, Illinois College, May 2020 – Illinois College

This is not the end! I was totally impressed when I heard about it. In fact, some schools in the USA were not able to improvise virtual graduation due to financial matters. In order to honour these high school classes of 2020 and the effort of brave, hard-working and dedicated lecturers, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama decided to make an online event for educatees who could not walk on a real school stage to get the diploma.

The former USA president and the first lady announced that they would be providing the live hosting on YouTube platform. Not only the Obamas appeared on the event, but also many renowned and immense singers, actors and athletes helped in the virtual organisation. The most well-known celebrities were Alicia Keys (a singer), the Jonas Brothers (a band, singers), Liza Koshy (an influencer, a YouTuber) and Pharrell Williams (a singer).

Obama admitted that he always loved participating in graduation ceremonies. He said that his wife and he were pleased to solemnise this moment with many students and families from one coast of North America to the other.

Graduate Together, May 2020 – ABC News

What do you think of this kind of event? Would you prefer to attend this ceremony online? Send me your viewpoints in the comments below.

See you next time!


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