Summer time – idioms

Summer time – idioms

Hello, my dearest bloggers!

How are your holidays coming by? How are you doing in this sweltering African heats period?

This holiday period seems so unique for me due to the fact that I feel completely different, as another person. Perhaps, this is on account of the pandemics, or maybe it’s my sentiment to my prior vacations I used to spare with friends and family. All in all, I got wind of the idea I should present you some fascinating summer expression you might use in your everyday speech!

I deeply trust you’ll be pleased while reading the examples of several idioms connected with the word ‚summer’! I strongly hope you’ll feel the summer, sunny and hot energy pounding in this text!

Summer 2020
  • dog days of summer – the hottest days of the summer, or the days when nothing special is happening; I hate my office! We’re having the dog days of summer and our air conditioning isn’t working there! I’m totally sweltering!
  • summer fling – a short, windy romance, especially during the summer trips; Sandra met a young boy on her summer camp. The gossip is revealed that she had her first summer fling then.
  • one swallow doesn’t make a summer – one lucky situation which has happened but it may not indicate any other good events in the future; Due to hot summer weather, the sales of barbecue assortment has recently marked up by 25 per cent. However, one swallow doesn’t make a summer!
  • high season – a synonym for summer time, holiday season; During the high seasons many entrepreneurs of popular tourist attractions and holiday businesses take their chance to earn a lot of money and bloom successfully!
  • Indian summer – an expression used to describe hot and sunny autumn; It’s September but the temperatures are still above 30 Celsius degrees! What a marvellous Indian summer! Still, I can wear shorts and t-shirts as if it was July!

Should you truly prefer learning more vacation idioms by heart, you could have a look on my own documents and materials that are available in my online shop on this website.

Do you know any other holiday idioms? Share your examples with me in the comments!

What are your plans for this summer period? What are you going to do? Have you already been anywhere abroad or here, in the country? Keep me posted below!


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