Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Good morning my readers!

I hope you’re doing pretty well. Today I’m intending to depict a national holiday in the United States of America. Every year on the fourth Thursday of April Americans take their off-spring to offices and other workplaces.

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

The idea of this day was developed in 1992 by Marie Wilson, the founder of ‚Ms. Foundation for Women’ and Gloria Steinem. The project of this event was named ‚Take Our Daughters to Work’. The viewpoint of that undertaking was to make the inhabitants of the USA aware of no gender restrictions and regulations which might affect the future career of juvenile girls.

In 2003 the programme expanded to ‚Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work’ with a view to encouraging adults to present the new way of thinking to their children. The aim was to let the children – both girls and boys – dream about their future job, show them the healthy balance between work and family life relations, picture the understanding that their job must be something they adore, worship. Actually, the main point of no-gender limitations and beyond-reason stereotypes in the workplace and community was still ongoing.

Since 2007 the national day has been running by ‚Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation’. Although Gloria Steinem didn’t become a manager she has been taking part in that happening as a loyal member.

In my opinion, it is really pleasing that children are thaught plenty of positive sights of their chosen career. Frankly speaking, I consider that those small elements and suggestions may make the future employees mentally strong enough to be proud of what they will do, what they will feel and how to cope with stress and overworking. That is an immense psychological step for them. Under no circumstances could they imagine that work might be not-rewarding, not-satisfactory and depressing. In this way we create a courageous young society – make the youngsters advanced in their passion, skills, and character. It is said that children are more likely to explain what job they will choose. This scheme develops the idea of the ‚American Dream’ of grown-ups.


Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day 2017, the White House in Washington D.C., EWTN studio – EWTN

Fathers and mothers take their sons and daughters (and maybe their nieces and nephews) to work. All the colleagues try to create a comfortable workspace and child-friendly zone for teen visitors. They get a plethora of mini activities and exercises in order to encourage children to a new-known job so they do not get bored.

The next day, on Friday, teenagers come back to school and have a talk on what they have experienced at work. By sharing emotions, advice, and thoughts about workspace, that discussion may also have an impact on understanding self-esteem and own virtues and vices. Teachers are given the Foundation’s materials for students to assign and promote the programme next year.


off-spring – potomstwo, workplace – miejsce pracy, founder – założyciel, undertake – podjąć, przedsięwziąć, inhabitant – mieszkaniec, aware – świadomy, gender – płeć, affect – mieć wpływ, expand – poszerzyć, encourage – zachęcić, worship – kochać, uwielbiać, limitation – ograniczenie, loyal – lojalny, member – członek, circumstances – okoliczności, imagine – wyobrażać, wymyślać, grown-ups – dorośli, dorastający, colleagues – koledzy z pracy, współpracownicy, child-friendly – przyjazny dla dzieci, zone – strefa, workspace – przestrzeń do pracy, have an impact on – mieć wpływ na, self-esteem – poczucie własnej wartości, assign – przydzielić, przyporządkować, promote – reklamować, promować

Is taking kids to parents’ workplace a good thought? Let me know below :).

Have a marvellous weekend!


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