The Coronavirus disease

The Coronavirus disease

Hello! This is the first post on my website. I thought that it would be a marvellous idea to have a talk on our current situation around the world. I tend to agree that it is not a convenient time and place to discuss that issue, but, on the other hand, it is a great opportunity to acquire new vocabulary associated with health and medicine.

To start with the following topic, we are struggling with the pandemic of COVID-19 – the Coronavirus disease. This is an infectious disease, which is caused by a newly discovered virus that emerged in China in 2019. Coronaviruses are a type of virus that may be spread from person to person and it can cause respiratory tract infections. There are no vaccines for the treatment or the prevention of Coronavirus infections. People suffer from the flu, fever, cough and sore throat, which are common symptoms of the Coronavirus disease. Unfortunately, most of the elderly people are dying due to many complications of these symptoms.

How can we prevent ourselves? The best option is washing our hands with hot water and soap. We should try to avoid public places and transport. Keeping the distance is said to be able to reduce the risk of spreading viruses.

A plethora of people are currently staying at their homes and are buying many canned or frozen food products and goods such as medicines, face masks or antibacterial ointments.

How long is this situation going to last? To what extent are we going to prevent ourselves? What will happen with our lives after the pandemic? I strongly believe that we will have a chance to see it soon…


health (zdrowie), medicine (medycyna, lekarstwo), to struggle with (zmagać się z), pandemic (pandemia), disease (choroba), infectious (zaraźliwy), infection (infekcja), virus (wirus), to emerge (pojawić się), to spread from person to person (rozprzestrzeniać się z osoby na osobę), respiratory tract (układ oddechowy), vaccine (szczepionka), treatment (leczenie), to treat (leczyć), prevention (zapobieganie), to prevent (zapobiegać), to suffer from (chorować na, cierpieć na), flu (grypa), fever (gorączka), cough (kaszel), sore throat (chore gardło), symptoms (symptomy), complications (komplikacje), to die (umierać), risk (ryzyko), face mask (maseczki), antibacterial (antybakteryjny), ointment (maść, krem)

I hope you have enjoyed my text and you have revised some words. If you need more materials or exercises connected with health, check out my shop. There will be published some worksheets. It will be great for Matura exam students to have a look at it.


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