What does 4th July mean for Americans?

What does 4th July mean for Americans?

Hello, my readers!

We have finally welcomed the month of July and this summer period. Without any doubts, the summer of 2020 seems to be completely different than the previous ones. The coronavirus has rained on our parade, yet we have to cope with this situation and go forth with our heads up!

I truly feel that everything will be back on the track. Our holiday plans, packed journeys and city-break trips will come back to normal and we’ll spend this tough period in such a marvellous manner!

Despite the fact that July always reminds me of the American Independence Day, which is vastly and fiercely solemnised in the USA, I devised to picture you some historical facts about this occasion as I had promised, but I finally decided to depict you how the Americans celebrate 4th July in a conventional way!

Independence Day – the history in brief

I guess that full description of Americans’ war and the independence attempts deserve on a special blog post due to the fact that the history of it may be quite complexed. I intend to sketch the topic and introduce you to the situation of 18th-century inhabitants of the New World.

To start with, there were 13 British colonies at that time in North America. The colonists had to pay high taxes to the king of England. Lastly, they calculated it and made a decision that these costs were too high and began a revolution. They desired complete independence from the British Empire. They used to organise protests and successfully destroyed British tea-merchant ships so as to show their potency, strength and authority. The King didn’t like their move and sharply took revenge. The people in New England began armed fighting the British for their independence. On 4th July 1776, the final emission of the bill of the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Congress, and the document was officially published.

An American flag

4th of July nowadays

4th July, the 4th of July or Independence Day is annually celebrated in the United States of America.

It is a day-off for all American citizens. The universities, state schools, post offices, banks, shops, plant factories and private businesses are closed that day across the entire country of 50 states.

This marvellous occasion imposingly and stunningly showcases the American traditions and their enclosure with a unique patriotic sentiment.

Little do we have recollections of the way the Americans solemnise that festival. Not only do they have family and barbecue feasts but also they point out a plethora of emphasis on the American tradition of political freedom. The people in the States express gratitude, show their respect for the historical heritage and, praise, appreciate the liberty that was fought. Furthermore, The Statue of Liberty – a French present – is a world-famous and national monument which is associated with the Independence Day. Many federal states have their streets, parks or city squares decorated, in particular – blue-and-red streamers, balloons, garlands, and most of the American patriots hang up flags outside their houses. A great number of countrymen dress up in ridiculous costumes or traditional clothes that are generally coloured red, white, and blue.

There are many public ventures as vivid parades and sterling firework displays. These events are, more often than not, accompanied by patriot music songs and live gigs. The most renowned one is certainly the American anthem – „The Star-Spangled Banner”. In addition, many people organise community meet-ups in parks. There are many competitions for participants and lovely, quite fattish picnic or barbecues. When it comes to holiday activities, the most eminent across the country are eating contests – for instance, watermelons, pumpkins, hot-dogs or grilled meat.

What is more, 4th July is also leisurely time for many families, including plenty of children who finish school and begin their holidays. A vast majority of citizens go across the country in order to laze about. The adults usually get some paid day-off work. However, the most prominent way of spending the long 4th of July weekend is currently having bonfire somewhere in the Amercian ever-green and vast woods in a campervan, drinking cold beer and displaying vibrant fireworks and observing the night sky with the entire family.

A dazzling array of festively decorated patriotic dishes and recipes are prepared for that memorable moment. I must admit that I used to try to make some of them and I think I might publish a few of them on my page if you prefer.

An Independence Day cake
 Independence Day parade, Washington D.C, 2019 – Global News
Melania and Donald Trump, the firework display, Washington D.C, 2019 – World News
American 4th of July barbecue, Independence Day decorations, 2017 – Rachel & Jun’s Adventures!

I keep my fingers crossed that you’ve enjoyed my post!

What do you think of this American patriotism and the manner they feast their national holidays? Let me read your viewpoints in the comments below! I would be strongly joyful if I were able to spot your opinion and discuss it!

See you next time!

Have a splendid weekend!


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