Why are Americans so vexed about wearing masks?

Why are Americans so vexed about wearing masks?

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Today’s morning, I have read a BBC article about the issue of boycotting Americans who are not persuaded to cover their faces with masks. I reckoned it might be a splendid material for my post.

I truly indicate some points about that problem in the USA. I keep my fingers crossed you will amply joy the reading!

We reduce the spreading of COVID-19 by wearing masks on our faces

The problem of wearing masks in the USA

To start with, it is crucial to mention that the scientists and doctors advise us to wear masks in public places in order to reduce the possibility of spreading viruses which may lead to harsh and lethal pulmonary diseases caused by COVID-19. But for its help, we would not disseminate that infectious germ.

A plethora of world-wide communities and countries have decreed that small piece of cloth is our obligatory and inseparable element of our everyday apparel. Whether we are to foot some food in a shop, attend public masses or arrange essential matters in a government office, the people are committed to cover their faces. Furthermore, avoiding wearing masks is, more often than not, punished by giving high-sum fines.

In the USA, the incident of inhabitants evading covering their noses and mouths has become a hazardous political conflict. The citizens are enraged – without regard to the principles – more and more people are refusing to wear a facial covering, and the problem is constantly developing.

To support my point, a few days ago, a young lady entered in Starbucks coffee shop without her face mask. She was said not to be served by a student waiter there. The coffeehouse bartender advised her to put her face covering on so as to be served. She denied and started shouting at the poor young student. She took a picture of him wearing a Starbucks mask. Then, she posted that photo with a small note offending that lad and other Americans who support the idea of having small pieces of cloth.

There are many similar situations. When some chefs in an American pizzeria restaurant told a customer that she was obliged to wear a face mask, she pointed out her middle finger. She was kicked out of the restaurant. It is not the end of the story. The police had to intervene because of the bloody fight.

Two radical groups – the zealots of the pale face without covering (so-called ‚anti-maskers’) and the followers of COVID-19 principles (‚maskers’) having their mouths covered.

Moreover, most of the anti-maskers are Trump supporters. It is worth adding that the president of the states used to avoid covering his face in public and he did not take a small piece of cloth with him, even when he visited hospitals or attended appointments. It is significant to state that Trump finally wore one publicly in the middle of July.

The Republicans – the Trump followers – indicates such hints as: ‚masks are a false sense of security and they do not protect you’, ‚you cannot hide from any bacteria’ or ‚they make our skin break out and pale, so it looks ridiculous in summer’.

Wearing masks is said to help to stop passing the virus on the others. Not only are the viewpoints of anti-maskers not shared by health experts, but also this is what drives the American Democrats wild. Plenty of them are fans of wearing face coverings and they strongly believe that pieces of cloth are able to prevent the spreading of the viruses.

Both political bands are battling with each other trying to convince the opposing teams to their conservative views.

Unfortunately, the number of infected people is growing up.

How is it going to finish? Who is right? How will American citizens cope with pulmonary diseases?

The American media about the mask incidents – CBS This Morning
The American media about the mask incidents – DW News
The American media about the mask incidents – Good Morning America

Is it really good that people are fighting with each other during the pandemics? What is the point of squabbling? Should not the health take the precedence over the other problems these days? How is the situation going to develop in the USA in the future?

What are your thoughts about the issue? What is your clue of it? Let me know in the comments. Let’s discuss it below.


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