Why does the Queen celebrate two birthdays? – The Queen’s birthday

Why does the Queen celebrate two birthdays? – The Queen’s birthday

Hello everyone!

Today’s 21st April and do you know what it means? This date is associated with The Queen’s birthday!

I decided to write a post on my blog about this occasion in the UK. I hope you’ll enjoy and discover something new.

To begin with…

The Queen’s birthday

Queen Elizabeth II, the world’s oldest and longest-reigning monarch, is celebrating her 94th birthday today. She was born on 21st April 1926 and she became the queen in 1952 at the age of 25.

As the Queen, she officially has two birthday each year.

21st April

The real one. She usually spends the actual birthday with her family or privately. In fact, there are a few gun salutes then. The first one takes place in Hyde Park (near to the Buckingham Palace), the second show is held at Tower of London and the last spectacle is marked in Windsor, in the park where the official royal residence is.

The second Saturday of June

The most eminent, spectacular and magnificent happenings are organised in June. This time the celebration is public. The occasion is marked with a Birthday Parade called ‚Trooping the Colour’.

The procession starts at St James’s Park. The Queen conducts and travels by carriage to the Buckingham Palace by the Mall – the iconic long red path close to the Palace. Then, the guards march past the monarch. They salute to her – it is a show of unique British armed forces. They come from different regions of the UK. It is a wonderful chance to get to know and catch sight of conventional and formal Scottish or Irish guards’ uniforms.

What is more, the military bands are splendid! There are about 300-400 musicians – drummers, pipers, trumpeters – in one place. Not only they play some old-fashioned music and traditional English classics but also many up-to-date records like Lady Gaga, Madonna, etc. All the people in the crowd wave to Her Majesty, listening to the live gig and taking photos of the ceremony. Most of them are holding the Union Jack flags in their hands and they wear clothes or accessories which picture Queen Elizabeth II.

The monarch and her relatives of the British Royal Family gather together on the balcony of the Buckingham Palace and they admire the public event by waving to the participants. Later on, there is a formidable show of the Royal Air Force in the sky. They perform a special air display for this part of the fete.

Trooping the Colour 2019, the highlights of this event, London – Global News
Trooping the Colour 2019, the entire event, London – BBC

So why does Her Majesty have two birthdays?

A long time ago, one of the King of Great Britain (George II) strongly wanted to have a public happening for marking his birthday special. Unfortunately, he was born in November, thus the idea of the immense birthday parade was not accurate on account of the rainy and depressing weather in that month. He believed that organising the second birthday in summer would be incredible to set up the special military parade. And this is the moment when the tradition began! It is more than 250 years since then!

How will this year’s celebrations be organised and performed due to the Coronavirus disease pandemic? Many official and royal receptions were cancelled.

What do you think? What’s your opinion? Let me know in the comments.



queen – królowa, the longest-reigning – najdłużej pełniąca władzę, monarch – monarcha, celebrate – obchodzić, święcić, gun salute – salwa, salut armatni, spectacle – widowisko, royal – królewski, residence – rezydencja, procession – parada, pochód, conduct – przewodzić, travel – podróżować, jechać, carriage – wóz, kareta, pojazd, iconic – słynny, znany, path – ścieżka, different – różny, conventional – klasyczny, tradycyjny, guard – strażnik, uniform – mundur, band – zespół, drummer – perkusista, piper – dudziarz, trumpeter – trębacz, old-fashioned – staromodny, up-to-date – nowoczesny, crowd – tłum, admire – podziwiać, wave – machać, air display – pokaz powietrzny, parade – parada

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